As of September 24th, 2022, the ancient art and ritual of sin-eating has officialy returned to the world. Verified by various occult practitioners and university professionals, Fr. Sean Wilde UE brought back this magic in Ontario, Canada. These thirteen people were given a brief history of sin-eating, and then were present for the ritual itself.

Traditional Sin-Eating

Traditional sin-eating can be traced back with certainty to the early 17th century, although it is suspected to be much older, and likely a remnant of a mystery tradition from Egypt. Sin- eating at its core is the preparation of the dead for the afterlife. Although often associated with Christianity, it knows no religion and applies to anyone interested in both being trained in it, and providing sin-eating services.The physical part of the ritual of sin- eating is a relatively simple one. It requires food, drink, salt, a wooden bowl, and a wooden plate. Charms would be said over the body of the deceased, or sometimes, over someone in the process of dying. The drink, usually ale, but sometimes milk or wine, would be drunk and the food, typically bread would be eaten after dipping it in the salt. The process of the physical consumption is both an extraction magic and a sympathetic magic employed by the sin-eater to consume the sins of the person.

Laying Claim to the Name

Other people and groups have claimed this name. In some cases they claim to have performed traditional sin-eating and in others, they openly admit they consider what they do modern sin-eating.For the former, we don't contest this, we only contest their actions were not independently verified. For the latter, we don't consider various interpretations as traditional sin-eating. They are wonderful, inspired acts of helping and healing, however by our definition they are not traditional sin-eating. Having said that, we don't have the sole claim to the name and despite our own interpretations, we welcome people who are not only inspired by but use the name to promote more awareness of this ancient art.Some of these inspirations are:

Become a Sin-Eater

We will train sin-eaters and teach the history, folklore, public and secret charms, and how to release the sins after they are consumed. Training will allow you to call yourself a sin-eater and to engage in traditional sin-eating. Training is done quarterly via zoom, and in person both in Waterloo Region, Canada, and New Orleans, Louisiana annually.The next virtual training session is Thursday, March 23rd at 7pm CST.

Join the Practice

Joining the sin-eating practice will give you access to a private Facebook group comprised only of other sin-eaters, and private discussions quarterly via zoom. It will also give you a ticket to an annual sin-eater get-together in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, beginning in 2024. The first 72 sin-eaters who join will also be invited to a ritual in England tentatively scheduled for April of 2024. This is a subscription good for one year.

Hire a Sin-Eater

Sin-eating is a form of healing and ministerial work. As such the costs are very low and not meant to be a money maker. As sin-eaters we are in service to others.
If you would like to hire a sin-eater please contact us. Please note, sin-eaters affiliated with Fr. Sean Wilde UE will only charge $25 for the service and expenses, to be agreed upon beforehand. Acceptable expenses are:

  • Meals: $15 Breakfast, $20 Lunch, $25 Supper.

  • Travel: Economy airfare, Ubers, Gas at a local mileage rate etc.

  • Lodging: 3 star hotels.

Request More Information

If you would like more information on how to become a sin-eater or hire one please contact us. If you sign up for training or for the group and do not receive a response within 72 hours please use this form to contact us.

Thank you

We will contact you as soon as we are able.